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Start of a New Chapter

Aug 6, 2017

It is only a month since we became the proud custodians of Crubenbeg Highland Holiday Cottages having bought the business from Sian and Cameron. The last month has been exciting and daunting in equal measure as we have climbed a steep learning curve and we would like to thank our most recent guests for their patience and support.

We are thrilled and feel blessed to have found Crubenbeg after looking for some time for the right opportunity for us to live and work in the area we love. From the moment we arrived we knew that there is something truly special about Crubenbeg and we are committed to preserve that which makes it so special while investing for the future.

Over the coming months we look forward to meeting many of you and we are keen for your thoughts and suggestions, so please do not hesitate to contact us at

P.S. Thanks to Steve Green for the amazing photos of Crubenbeg from the air!

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