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2019 Changes & 2020 Plans

Jan 20, 2020

After completing the cottage refurbishment in 2018, our focus during 2019 turned to improving the grounds and outbuildings.  While we did not complete all of the project we had in mind, we are pleased with the progress we made during 2019 and we are excited by the projects in the pipeline for 2020.

The projects we managed to complete in 2019 include:

  • New barn erected to replace the existing dilapidated outbuildings and fenced storage area

  • Indoor bike storage racks installed in the new barn

  • Gym moved to the new barn and expanded to include a new treadmill

  • 5/6 person traditional sauna installed in the gym

  • Bathrooms renewed in Douglas Fir, Elm and Larch

  • Bin store replaced and extended

  • Planters and new planting added to the courtyard

  • Wood shed replaced

  • TVs replaced in Douglas Fir, Elm and Hazel

  • Towel rails upgraded in both Hazel bathrooms

  • Patio tables & chairs added to Ash, Birch, Cedar, Larch and Pine

  • Vegetable and fruit garden established to provide fruit to make jam for guests (hopefully in 2020!)

  • 2 additional spaces added to the guest parking area

The projects in the pipeline for 2020 include:

  • Move the Games Room to the new barn

  • Replace the Games Room PS2 with a PS4 and expand the range of games

  • Improve bike maintenance and washing facilities

  • Replace the picket fence at the back of Douglas Fir, Elm and Hazel

  • Replace the shower curtains with screens in Ash, Birch and Cedar

  • Dredge and restock the lochan (weather permitting)

  • Replace the planters at the back of Douglas Fir, Elm and Hazel

  • Refurbish the picnic tables at the back of Douglas Fir, Elm and Hazel

We are also investigating the possibility of replacing the outbuildings at the entrance to the site with a new 2 bedroom cottage.

We will keep you updated with our progress.

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