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Excellent 2020 VisitScotland Quality Assurance Report

Feb 9, 2020

VisitScotland undertook their biennial quality assurance review and we are delighted to report that they confirmed our 4* rating with an increased score of 82% (out of a maximum available of 86%), up from 77% 2 years ago.

This was our second VisitScotland quality assurance review and it was clear that prior to their previous visit in January 2018 Highland Holiday Cottages was in significant danger of losing its 4* rating.  Our rating of 77% two years ago recognised the changes that we had already made, many suggested by our guests, but gave us substantial room for further improvement.

We are extremely pleased that this year's review recognises the full range of changes that we have made and we were particularly pleased that in all 4 areas of cleanliness assessed we scored 100%.  There is always room for further improvement and we shared our plans for 2020 with the assessor who confirmed that, when completed, they would be reflected in the next assessment in 2 year's time.  The nature of the assessment criteria mean that we could never achieve a 5* rating as we cannot meet a number of the criteria (e.g. some of the bedrooms in Douglas Fir and Elm do not meet the minimum size required to achieve a 5* rating).  We are not at all concerned by this as achieving and sustaining a 5* rating woulds also require an ongoing investment in facilities that we do not feel is justified or compatible with affordable prices.

We thought you would appreciate an opportunity to read the report and as ever, we welcome further suggestions for improvement.

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