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Bike Route Guide

Jan 4, 2021

As an increasing number of guests are keen to explore the Cairngorms and other surrounding areas by bike we thought it would be helpful to develop a guide to some of our favourite routes and make it available on our website.  The guide sets out details of 26 routes ranging from short 30-90 minutes routes on well-engineered cycle paths to full day epics into remote country and/or up some of the local mountains.  We hope to extend the guide as we discover other worthwhile routes.

The guide can be accessed from the Mountain Biking and Cycling page in the Activities section of the website.  The links on the left hand side of the page provide links to the routes, which have been grouped into categories: short, medium, long and epic.


Biking - Main PageThere are a number of routes within each category and all but a very small number are suitable for riders with relatively modest experience.

Biking - Route List

There is a page for each route, which provides some basic information about the route as wells a map and photographs.  In addition, you can download a full route description and route plan at 1:50000 scale in PDF format and/or a GPX file so that the route can be followed on a GPS or smart phone.

Biking - Route Details

As ever, we welcome feedback on the guide as well as suggestions for other routes to be included.


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