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Feb 13, 2021

Despite good insulation and anti-frost heaters in the lofts, the recent long spell of below zero temperatures as low as -14, the pipes in 5 of the cottages have frozen.  While we were able to drain the water from 4 of the cottages before any damage was done we were not so lucky in Ash.

Unfortunately, we were not aware of the problem until the fire alarm in Ash went off, so the damage is extensive and affects the entire cottage.  You will not be surprised that following on from Covid and such a long winter we feel completely crushed.  However, we are incredibly lucky to have had immediate help from Russell Menzies (plumber), Finlay Binnie (electrician) and others, which means that within hours we had the cottage stripped, a temporary electricity supply installed and 2 industrial dehumidifiers working flat out to start the drying out process.  We are also lucky that, due to Covid restrictions, we will not have to cancel any guest stays and we now have a few weeks to undertake the repairs.

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