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Ash Cottage is Back!

May 12, 2021

3 months to the day after it was flooded, we are delighted that Ash Cottage is finally back in service.

In retrospect, temperatures of -14 celsius were always likely to be too much for the insulation round the water pipes and heating in the cottage lofts and we ended up with frozen pipes in 5 of the 8 cottages.  While we were able to fix the problems in 4 of the cottages before the pipes thawed we were too late in the case of Ash and the burst pipes caused extensive damage to all of the rooms.

It took almost 2 months for the cottage to full dry out even with the walls, ceilings and floors removed before we were able to start the refurbishment.  In many ways we were lucky that lockdown meant that we did not have to cancel or reschedule any guests.  With only a month left before the first guests were due to arrive the loss adjuster finally gave us the go-ahead to start the refurbishment.   We want to thank our amazing local tradesmen: Peter Thomson, Ackie Macrae, Finlay Binnie, Russell Menzies, Mariusz Jawor and Mike Grant who put in the hard yards at short notice to complete the work.

We hope that you will like the finished cottage.  While the layout and furnishings are the same as before we took the opportunity to fit oak floors in the main rooms and wet wall in the bathroom.

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